High Speed Internet - Why Doesn't the USA Have It?

High Speed Internet - Do You Have It?

Dear Friend,

Americans are charged more for slower internet speeds, and our
current high-speed networks don't even reach millions of
households. It's time for that to change -- and you can play a
part. Testing your own speed will help make our new community
research project, SpeedMatters.org, a success.

Are you getting your money's worth? Find out now:

High Speed Internet Test

We're falling behind in the global economy because we won't
invest in the technology to bring the benefits of this
telecommunications revolution to most of our population. We're
the only industrialized country without a national policy to
promote high- speed Internet access.

That's why you're getting this email. Testing your connection's
speed now will help us better understand the American average --
and craft an effective public policy and awareness campaign.

Take the speed test:

High Speed Internet Test

High speed Internet means more than smooth web videos or fast

Advanced high capacity communications networks can increase
democratic and civic participation, improve the delivery of
health care, education, job training, public safety and other
vital services.

What are we waiting for? It's time to close the digital divide.

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